Who We Are

Our mission

To inspire and support a culture of American mountain craft.

The American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) is a 501(c)(3) educational non‐profit that is dedicated to supporting the American mountain guiding and climbing instructor community. As the leading organization of America’s most vibrant, inspiring community of climbers and skiers, the AMGA offers you cutting edge knowledge and hundreds of years of collective experience that you won’t get from any other climbing organization. AMGA guides and staff are the experts in the business of being a guide. We spent 30 years setting standards for American guiding instruction, protecting the guiding environment, and organizing a powerful, unified community of guides and clients. And we will spend the next 30 supporting you as you pursue your passion.

Our Vision

  • To provide renowned, world-class training and certifications to our guides and aspiring guides
  • To safeguard guided access to climbing and skiing areas
  • To offer cutting edge resources and services that support and enhance the livelihoods of guides
  • To be the community hub for all American mountain guides, climbing instructors, and their clients
  • To be at the forefront of growing and advancing the guiding profession


Core Values

  • Integrity: The AMGA believes in strict adherence to the highest ethical standards of our profession. Mountain guiding, ski guiding, and climbing instruction are professions of honesty, etiquette, and composure. We are responsible for all our actions and personal conduct when representing the AMGA and our profession.
  •  Stewardship: We are committed to actively engaging in the protection of all mountain environments for the good of all people and for future generations.
  • Community: Commitment to trust, respect, civility, teamwork, and general welfare of the entire AMGA community and the professional guiding and climbing instructor community as a whole.
  • Excellence: Commitment to a diverse and dynamic community, high technical and academic standards, strong programs, and a quality staff of engaged and engaging instructors and examiners.
  • Balance: The AMGA strives to balance the interests of its membership and to act for the collective interests of the guiding community.