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Support the only organization that has spent more than 40 years inspiring and supporting a culture of American guiding and instruction. You’ll get the inside scoop on the latest in our network of professional guides, and your support is instrumental in accomplishing the AMGA’s important work.


Your $50 annual fee doesn’t just come with the warm fuzzies. You get some tangible benefits, too, including:

  • Twice-annual issues of the AMGA’s print publication, the GUIDE Bulletin
  • Updates and communication on the latest in American guiding
  • Access to networking opportunities with outdoor professionals and guides
  • Access to tech videos and other educational content
  • Advocate for policies that improve access for guides

NOTE: Certifications and training levels are not valid at a supporter level. Supporter members are not eligible to vote in AMGA elections, even with prior eligibility to vote with the appropriate training and certification levels.

Become a Supporter if:

AMGA membership isn’t just for active guides

  • You want to become part of a network of professional guides and instructors who have  the knowledge to ensure that clients thrive in vertical landscapes.
  • You promote and hire guides to take you out on your adventures.
  • You aren’t taking programs with the AMGA.
  • You have taken AMGA programs, but are no longer using your training and/or certification and still want to support the AMGA.

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