Speak Up

The AMGA has developed a formal process for members to voice concerns as they relate to the Code of Ethics and Conduct to increase accountability and provide support for our members. This is a confidential space managed by a 3rd party firm who will manage claims of Code of Ethics and Conduct violations.

Speak Up

If you have an ethical concern including, but not limited to:

  • Code of conduct
  • Conflict of interest
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Other inappropriate activity

You can contact our 3rd party firm:

All reports will undergo intake from a 3rd party firm and be referred back to AMGA with recommendations for further action by the staff and/or the Board’s Professional Compliance Committee.

More Information About our Reporting Process:
  • In which settings does the AMGA Code of Ethics and Conduct apply?

    The AMGA Code of Ethics and conduct clearly states that it applies to accredited businesses and all members of the AMGA including apprentice, assistant, and certified guides, students, instructors, and licensed providers. It applies in all professional settings and circumstances including courses, work and volunteer roles, marketing, electronic communications, and social media.

  • What types of reports are within the scope of this resource?

    This service pertains to any report about an AMGA member that potentially violates the AMGA Code of Ethics and Conduct. This does not pertain to people who are not AMGA members or matters that should be handled by law enforcement. AMGA may not be able to investigate all reports, especially those that occur outside of a workplace or a professional context.

    If a report is made that is outside the scope of the AMGA Code of Ethics and Conduct the third party firm (ILG) will be referring reporting individuals to additional appropriate resources as needed such as police reporting, legal counsel, equal employment opportunity commission, on a case by case basis.

  • What happens after I submit a report?

    Our 3rd party Human Resources firm (ILG) will intake and process all reports from AMGA members. ILG will collect all the information and may reach out to the complainant for further information. Once information is gathered they will then refer it back to the AMGA with recommendations for further action. Some reports will be referred to the Professional Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors and some reports will be referred to national staff to manage. 

    Upon reviewing reports AMGA staff and board will undergo a deliberation to determine if and what disciplinary action is necessary.

  • How does the AMGA deal with potential conflicts of interest after a report is made?

    The third party firm (ILG) has a list of all relevant AMGA contacts for the national office, board, committees, etc. Consequently, if a named/accused party in an intake is part of the PCC, they will be recused from participation in deliberation and relevant information will go the next most appropriate individual.

  • Can my report be anonymous?

    AMGA members can make anonymous reports at any time. The ability for ILG, the third party reporting firm, and the AMGA to follow up on anonymous reports is limited without being able to contact the reporting party. The AMGA will be tracking and documenting this information for the purposes of improving our association for all members.

  • Is my report kept confidential?

    All reports will be kept confidential. Names and details will only be supplied to the necessary staff or board members handling the deliberation of a report.

  • Can I stop the process once it has started?

    The AMGA can halt action on a complaint and keep the information for documentation purposes only so long as further action has not yet been taken, or the AMGA has no legal or ethical obligation to continue, or law enforcement has not been notified.