Speak Up | Reporting Form

Speak Up | Reporting Form

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The American Mountain Guides Association requires all of our members to be ethical and professional in their conduct. All of our members and accredited businesses agree to our Code of Ethics and Conduct and it applies in all professional settings and circumstances including courses, work and volunteer roles, marketing, electronic communications, and social media.

Before reporting, read this page first 

If you have an ethical concern you can contact our 3rd party firm:
  • Complete the form below*
  • or Call: 720-506-4935
  • or Email our confidential service

*The results of this form are confidential and results get sent directly to our 3rd party firm. 


All reports will undergo intake from a 3rd party firm and be referred back to AMGA with recommendations for further action by the staff and/or the Board’s Professional Compliance Committee.

AMGA members can make anonymous reports at any time. The ability for ILG, the third party reporting firm, and the AMGA to follow up on anonymous reports is limited without being able to contact the reporting party. The AMGA will be tracking and documenting this information for the purposes of improving our association for all members.

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