AMGA Ski Guide

discipline_ski_colorThe AMGA Ski and Splitboard Guide certifications are meant for the experienced backcountry skier/rider or ski guide looking to further hone their skills in off-trail and glacial terrain. It is designed for guiding either ski tours or ski ascents/descents, on alpine touring, splitboard or free-heel equipment. Topics covered include: track setting, navigation, efficient 3rd and 4th class travel, short-rope and short pitch techniques, rescues skills, and client care.

Students are expected to arrive with a minimum of four years of recreational backcountry skiing/riding experience and an working knowledge of knots, belaying, rappelling, anchors, and basic alpine climbing systems. It is assumed that the students can ascend and descend 4500 vertical feet per day. It is expected that students are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for a 10+ days of continuous outdoor activity.

Splitboard Use on Ski Programs
discipline_splitboard_colorStarting in 2014, the AMGA will allow Splitboarders to move through the entire Ski Program on their boards, without being tested on skis. Splitboarders will have to demonstrate all the same guide skills as skiers, and their travel mode will have to be via skins. No snowshoes will be allowed. While those who successfully pass the Ski Guide Exam on a Splitboard will become certified AMGA Splitboard Guides through the AMGA, individuals who are pursuing American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide certification will not become internationally certified until they pass a one-day movement assessment on skis. This is a requirement of the IFMGA, as the association does not allow certification for Splitboarders at this point in time. Those who demonstrate that they meet the ski standard will be awarded American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide certification. Click here for more information about the AMGA Splitboard Guide Certification.

To get your Ski and/or Splitboard Guide Certification, you must complete:

  • Either the 5 day Alpine Skills Course (ASC) or the 10 day Rock Guide Course (RGC)
  • The 10-day Ski Guide Course (SGC) – VIDEO APPLICATION REQUIRED FOR 2020 SGCS
  • The 10-day Advanced Ski Guide Course and Aspirant Exam (ASGC/AE)
  • The 8-day Ski Guide Exam (SGE)
  • Successful completion of an [simple_tooltip content=’
  • CAA Level II
  • AAA Level III Certification from 2010 or later
  • AIARE Level III Certification from 2006 or later’]AMGA approved Pro 2, or Level III[/simple_tooltip]
  • For details on the updated avalanche education framework introduced in the 2017/18 season, please click here.
  • Current CPR Certification
  • Current Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification [simple_tooltip content=’Higher training needs to be approved by the AMGA Medical Director – examples of acceptable training include: Emergency Medical Technician or Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician’] or higher[/simple_tooltip] that meets the Minimum Guidelines and Scope of Practice for a WFR


Program Information

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Ski Programs Schedule

  • 2022 Application and Notification Deadlines are below
  • For information on how to apply to a program and how applications are reviewed, click here
  • For the complete AMGA Course Schedule, click here
  • Q: What should I do if I do not have a Ski Video at this time? If you do not yet have a ski video, we suggest that you keep an eye on program openings later in the season and apply/upload your video when you have it. In 2020 and 2021 we had many students create mid-season videos and offered them spaces on programs with openings.  You cannot gain acceptance into an SGC without a movement video.

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Application and Notification Deadlines

  • The application deadline is when your complete application is due.
  • The notification deadline is the latest date you will be contacted in regard to your enrollment.
  • Applications received after the application deadline will be reviewed on a rolling admission.
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