Responsible Return to Work

We have compiled industry resources to share and reference, including information about: worker and workplace safety regulations, CV-19 return-to-work checklists, medical guidance and legal considerations, as well as relevant legislation and communication strategies. We hope this information is helpful and supports the industry getting back to work and providing outdoor experiences all.


[tabby title=”  COVID-19 Management Plans”]

Covid-19 Risk Management Framework from Leah Corrigan and the Rec Law Center

Managing Risk during Covid | Self Audit from Fred C. Church Insurance 

Guiding in the Age of Covid by Alan Oram

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides – Recommended best practices for work

Example Plan from Colorado Mountain School (For reference only. Not to be copied and pasted)

Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccination and Employees | Leah Corrigan and the Rec Law Center

[tabby title=”  Outdoor industry Resources”]

Petzl Disinfection Guidelines 

Black Diamond Equipment Disinfection guidelines 

Access Fund Guide to climbing during the Coronavirus Pandemic

[tabby title=”  Regulatory Information”]

OSHA Guidelines for Covid 

OSHA Guidance on preparing workplaces for Covid 

CDC Guidance for Businesses and Workplaces 

CDC 11 Symptoms of Coronavirus 

CDC Principles of Contact Tracing 

EEOC Guidance on testing in the workplace 

CDC Guidance on cleaning in disinfection in the workplace

[tabby title=”  Business Communications”]

Verde Brand Communications | Article: How to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and your crisis communication plan

Verde Brand Communications | Podcast: *special episode*: crisis communication for your business during the covid-19 outbreak

Verde Brand Communications | Slide deck from Webinar

To help you or your business navigate this rapidly shifting terrain we hosted a webinar on coronavirus communications for your guiding business with Kristin Carpenter of Verde Brand Communications on Tuesday March 17.

[tabby title=”  Return to Work Webinars”]



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