BIPOC Scholarship Fund

Background Information
On June 9th, 2020, the AMGA launched a new Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Scholarship Fund. In an incredible 24-hours of giving, AMGA Instructor Team members committed nearly $5,000. Throughout the summer, our members donated over $18,000 and we reached over $20,000 in donations. Thank you to those who generously contributed and supported your fellow guides and instructors.*

Azissa Singh, AMGA Board Member, and Monserrat Alvarez, Membership and Inclusion Coordinator, engaged in listening sessions with  BIPOC members of the AMGA community. Thanks to those members, we were able to identify key barriers to entry, support mechanisms, and sustainability in our profession. It was clear to us that this scholarship fund needed to be built outside of our traditional scholarship model to address the barriers shared during these listening sessions. Our team crafted an alternative scholarship fund model and an official proposal was crafted by our Membership and Inclusion Coordinator, advised by the DEI Committee, that was approved by our executive officers on January 8th, 2021. We are striving to move forward with full transparency for both the BIPOC community that the fund is going to support and our overall membership. 

Advisory Committee
Over the last few months, members of our advisory committee met to discuss the infrastructure of this new fund. We are thankful for their time, knowledge, and overall willingness to provide mentorship and support to see this through.

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Key Information

Below you will find key information, projected timeline, deadlines, and FAQ. More questions? Email: [email protected]

The BIPOC Scholarship Fund is a new model of funding intended to address key barriers identified by BIPOC members of the community in order to better support them throughout their AMGA programs. This scholarship fund is set up differently as it is intended to address some of the systemic barriers that exist in and outside of the AMGA. We want to acknowledge that we are creating a new model of funding and the committee is open to any and all feedback from members of color. Our intention is to provide transparency and adaptability through this process. 

The application period will be open Monday, May 24th at 9 am MST through Monday, June 21st at 9 am MST. The BIPOC Scholarship Fund will cover any of the following expenses: 

  • Program fees: you can request funds to cover program fees associated with AMGA Mountain Guide and Climbing Instructor Programs. Up to $2,000 per person.
  • Travel funds: travel support to attend AMGA programs up to $300 per trip. 
  • Mentorship Support: For anyone seeking mentorship from AMGA guides and/or climbing instructors as well as co-students pursuing an education through the AMGA. The subsidy will include travel and/or wages.
    -Up to $300 to travel to mentorship opportunities
    -Day wages to hire more senior guides up to $400 per day
  • Provider Fees: application fee, training fees, observation days, and other costs associated with becoming a Single Pitch Instructor or Climbing Wall Instructor Provider up to $2,000. This is for an individual who is ready to start their path to becoming a provider through the AMGA. 

How to Apply
Please read the information above before proceeding with the application. This fund is for
anyone who identifies as a Black, Indigenous, Person of Color including, but not limited to mixed-race people who identify as people of color. In order to apply:  

  • The application must be submitted before the deadline on Monday, June 21st at 9 am MST. If you would like to submit your application in an audio or video format, please email: [email protected]. Please note that we will only accept ONE VERSION of the application, either audio, video or written but not all three. The application rubric can be found here.
  • A sample budget will be required in the application. 
  • Essay questions that will be answered in the google form:
    -Who is a role model in your life who has contributed to increasing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion?
    -What are your career goals and how will this positively impact your career path and personal journey?
    -How will this opportunity enrich your life beyond the AMGA professional development?  

Projected timeline: 

  • May 24th: opening the BIPOC Scholarship Fund Application 
  • June 21st at 9am MST: close application period  
  • June 21-July 5th: application review period 
  • July 6th: review committee meeting 
  • Week of July 5th: Notifications sent out by end of the week 

Thank you to our Instructor Team members, Kosseff Family, and our many donors.

Apply Here

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