AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor

instructor_CWI_B&WClimbingWallInstructorThe Climbing Wall Instructor Program (CWI) was introduced in 2007 to certify professionals who teach in an indoor or artificial wall environment. It aims to increase the level of professionalism in indoor climbing and to improve the level of climbing wall instruction, to develop a more consistent standard of care for climbing instructors in the US, to evaluate the skills of climbing instructors in the US, and to provide guidance for further professional development. There are two certification levels:

  • AMGA CWI Top Rope
  • AMGA CWI Lead

This course addresses the basic technical skills necessary to manage an instructional program at a climbing facility. The course length is a minimum of 20 hours of instruction, skills demonstration, and evaluation, typically run over 2.5 days. CWI Certification lasts for three years. After three years current CWI’s can re-take a one-day reassessment to regain the CWI certification.

How to Apply

Step 1: Join the AMGA (or log-in to your existing account)

Step 2: Apply to Your Course or Assessment

  • Sign in to your myAMGA account.
  • Click the “Apply for a Program” tab.
  • Select the discipline and course type you are applying to.
  • Select the specific program you are applying to and click “apply.”
  • Confirm your prerequisites.

Please contact the Program Provider directly if you have questions regarding the course selected.

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• Find a location and date that works for you.
Please do not contact the AMGA office to register for a course.

NOTES: 1. Click on the direction icon in the Dates column to arrange courses in chronological order.

2. Click on the blue information icon in the Code column to get contact information for the Program Provider.

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