Black, Indigenous, People of Color Single Pitch Instructor Courses – sponsored by Black Diamond


In the summer of 2020, Black Diamond pledged $250,000 in an effort to increase diversity and accessibility in the outdoors. Committed to having these funds serve as more than a one-time donation, Black Diamond (along with new key and valued partners) developed an action plan with multiple, complementary components. While the objectives listed in the plan may seem small in comparison to the massive issues we face as a nation, they are deliberate moves in the right direction and are currently serving as a starting place only; each component is designed to evolve and grow over time.

Black Diamond built the objectives around accomplishing four things:

  1. Creation of internal awareness and understanding
  2. Building of industry leaders
  3. Support and community integration with grassroots affiliate groups
  4. Driving athlete and ambassador team diversification

The AMGA is proud to be part of this initiative and will be launching a multiple-year BIPOC affinity program to promote diversification of guides and climbing instructors in America.  Full details of Black Diamond’s pledge here.

Additionally, we will be teaming up with Climbers of Color to provide an evening community conversation during the three-day course in the Pacific Northwest. Climbers of Color is a Washington-based nonprofit that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the climbing and mountaineering community by developing leaders of color.

The application is now CLOSED

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