Becoming an AMGA SPI Provider

Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Providers are a vital component of the AMGA. Based throughout the country, SPI Providers teach AMGA SPI courses and facilitate assessments. 

As representatives of the AMGA and providers of the SPI curriculum – we look for dedicated educators with comprehensive teaching and/or mentoring experience that are committed to helping students succeed. In addition to climbing and technical expertise, being able to articulate written and verbal feedback is an essential skill for those interested in becoming a provider. We are also seeking individuals who are committed to creating inclusive learning environments for all aspiring climbing instructors. The process of becoming an SPI Provider is outlined below. 


Program Information

(Application Process Has Been Updated May 13th, 2021: PLEASE READ COMPLETELY)

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SPI Provider Schedule

  • SPI Provider Training Course $335 tuition – located in Boulder, Colorado July 7-8th, 2021 (12 person training course – FULL) not accepting applications.
  • SPI Provider Training Course $335 tuition – located in North Conway, New Hampshire October 4-5th, 2021 (12 person training course – OPEN see details below)
  • Application Period has Re-Opened for the October 4-5th Provider Training Course. Apply now by following the instructions above.
  • Please expect 2-4 hours of online zoom training the week prior to the in person training course
  • Cost and length of the training course will increase in 2022

Watch the webinar on Becoming a Provider:

This hour long webinar covers the role of the SPI Provider, the prerequisites to apply, how to apply, the flow chart and process of becoming a provider as well as a live Q & A.