Becoming an AMGA CWI Provider

Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) Providers are a vital component of the AMGA. Based throughout the country, CWI Providers facilitate AMGA CWI courses to certify professionals who teach in an indoor or artificial wall environment. 

As representatives of the AMGA and providers of the CWI curriculum – we look for dedicated educators with comprehensive teaching and/or mentoring experience that are committed to helping students succeed. In addition to climbing and technical expertise, being able to articulate written and verbal feedback is an essential skill for those interested in becoming a provider. We are also seeking individuals who are committed to creating inclusive learning environments for all aspiring climbing instructors. The process of becoming a CWI Provider is outlined below. 


Program Information

(Updated 12/12/19: Please read thoroughly)

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CWI Provider Schedule

  • Application period is closed until further notice.